First step to WhatsApp messaging

As a registered Facebook partner, we offer the option of sending WhatsApp directly from your business applications.

Your company is represented as a WhatsApp contact with a telephone number of your choice in the WhatsApp network, allowing you and your customers to communicate directly, quickly, and personally.

This representation of your WhatsApp phone number in our system is known as a "WhatsApp channel". You can map different use cases, such as marketing and customer service, via a WhatsApp channel or use any number of WhatsApp channels side by side.

Each WhatsApp channel in our system can be addressed directly via an interface.


To be able to use our WhatsApp interfaces, you need the following:

Create a WhatsApp channel

To create a WhatsApp channel, the following steps are necessary:

If you don't have a Facebook Business account yet, you can create one while linking the WhatsApp channel.